2017-18 Officers and Committee Chairs


 Officers President РKay Shear (PTA Business, Student Life, Teacher Life)
1st Vice President – Julie Chang (Fundraising, Website)
2nd Vice President – Kim Mattiello (Student Programs)
Treasurer – Debbie Wells
Secretary – Joanne Fulmer
Membership Cristina Dougherty
Stephanie Kohne
6th Grade Basketball Julie Chang
6th Grade Luncheon/Party Amy Whiteman
Sheri Hodinko
Book Fair Teresa Fletcher
Katie Obenberger
Meg Dombro
Sharon Wilhelm
Heather Tomasek
Box Tops Jenn McKain
Cafeteria Cleanliness Beth Earle
Family Fun (Hallowingo) Dawn Garey
Kelly DeShields
Ana Hilton
Garden/outdoor space management  
Gifts Kristen Yost
Grocery Loyalty Program (Effortless Fundraising) Lisa Locke
Nominations Mya Lwin
School Spirit Lauri Hilburger
Mya Lwin
School Supplies Gulzar Motani
Prathiba Thumati
Student Programs Coordinator Kim Mattielo (2nd VP Duty)
Tax Forms  
Teacher Appreciation Leona Stout
(Ways and Means) Dining Days Kelly DeShields
Website Noorali Motani
Welcoming Sheri Hodinko


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