6th Grade Basketball – for Cheer Coaches (2018)

From a previous coach:

Usually I assigned the girls lines to stand in and we’d do a short warm up/stretch before starting.  Then we’d work on the words to a cheer first, and then add the motions.  By the last practices we just ran through all of the cheers with and without help, one line at a time, etc… to make sure they know them.  There are also a few songs that the band plays that the girls will do motions to.  If any of the cheerleaders are also in the pep band they can usually help with that because they are learning the songs now, too.

The cheer squad also usually does a short halftime routine.  Usually no more than 1:15-1:30.  I can help cut music if you need it – it’s usually pretty basic.  Typically very basic choreography is best.  I never usually had cheerleaders with much dance experience.  If choreography is not your thing watching you tube videos from just dance kids (the video game) can give some easy ideas. 🙂

Lees Corner Cubettes Cheers (1)

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