Fall 2018 After School Activity Preview

For more information, contact Kim Mattiello.

Classes are generally 8 weeks long, from 3:50-4:50pm at the school, and will start between the 3rd and 5th week of school kicking off. Once I have completed what I need to do to launch the website, I will announce registration. But in the meantime, the following is what we expect to offer:

Monday - Jump Rope - K-6; Minecraft Modding - 1-6
Tuesday - Basketball - K-6; Java - 4-6; Tastes Around the World - K-6
Wednesday - EV Robot Coding - 4-6; My First Hot Cocoa Stand - K-3
Thursday - Science Explorers - K-6; Coding - 2-6; Glow Light Dance - K-5
Friday - Chess - K-6; Run Club - K-6

Let me know if you have any questions.